Welcome to Jingle City. It is a peaceful fairy place inhabited by tiny human beings Jingliks and cute furry creatures Beasties, who follow the one and only rule — Not a day without an adventure. IMDb 8.2

Official available languages

English, Arabic, Chinese, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Kazakh, Mongolian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Farsi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, European Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Czech, Slovenian, Hebrew, Uzbek, Bashkir, Tatar, Italian, Castilian Spanish.

Directors Statement:

Jingliks is an art animation project gone commercial. Why an art project? Because it is very personal. JIngliks — it is me, my family, my child. I make each episode personally for my daughter, as well as other members of our team do it for their’s families. This is our thing, which ensures the quality of the project. Also, I’m very proud of the fact that Jingliks develop kids’ good taste and provide young audience with a high-quality art and animation.

Jingle Kids Playlist

The animated series’ production began with a small team located in Saint Petersburg. With Jinglekids, the creators have managed to produce something that does stand out, and now will receive even more worldwide exposure. 

Once the show got noticed, the team became known widely before being acquired by Open Alliance Media. This studio eventually produced the whole series. Though producing a series of such high quality is not an easy process, it eventually was paid off well.

The Russian-made kids animated series Jingliks was recognized for its high quality animation. After the first four episodes, Disney Russia made a decision to acquire exclusive tv rights for the whole series to get it on air on Disney channel for almost two years.

Not stopping there, available at AMAZON the Jingliks animated series then came to China on VOD platform Tencent. And recently, this animated series even got broadcasted via the world’s biggest video streaming channel to approach screen audiences in 190 countries around the world, after a deal closed successful with Netflix. Being broadcasted on Netflix will help this animated series receive even more worldwide exposure.

International awards and nominations

2017 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival (USA) — ‘Best Animated Short Film’
2017 Xiamen International Animation Festival (China) — ‘Best Overseas Animated Series’, Золотой дельфин Cyber Sousa
2017 Shanghai TV Festival (China) — ‘Best Animation’ and ‘Best Storytelling’Magnolia Awards Nominee
2018 ОРФАК в Суздале (Russia) — Главный приз «Открытой премьеры», приз «Фортуна»

2019 & 2017 Cartoons on the Bay (Italy)
2018 Reggio Film Festival (Italy)
2018 Japan Prize (Japan)
2017 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (Korea)
2018 Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (Korea)
2017 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (USA)

2019 ANIMA — X Córdoba International Animation Festival (Argentina)
2018 FAN CHILE, Festival Audiovisual para Niños (Chile)
2018 & 2017 SUPERTOON (Horvatia)
2018 & 2017 Constantine’s Golden Coin (Serbia)
2019 Animax Skopje Fest (Makedonia)
2018 Golden Kuker (Bulgary)
2018 Tofuzi (Georgia)
2019 Tehran International Animation Festival (Iran)
2017 International Children’s Film Festival India (India)
2019 International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
2018 ОКНО (Russia)
2017 Будем жить (Russia)